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Reliable house cleaning professionals serving the greater Leesburg/The Villages areas.

Windows are seen everyday by yourself and your guests. Every month dirt and dust builds up on them. That grime can harbor bacteria and germs. For residential and commercial window cleaning in The Villages, FL, look to Clean Biz. Their window cleaning is affordable and efficient and will restore shine and cleanliness to your windows in Florida.

Window cleaning service is beneficial for several reasons:

• Professional Results—You could clean your windows by yourself, but you would not see the same results that a professional would give you. 

• Extended Life—Cleaning your windows routinely extends their life. Over time, they gather dirt and dust and other corrosive substances that eat away at the glass. Cleaning will remove contaminants, such as acid rain, minerals, and mildew, all of which can cause permanent and costly damage.

• It Saves Time—If you have a busy schedule, then cleaning your windows can chip away at your free time. With Clean Biz, our shine makes you shine!

Window cleaning provides you and your home with many benefits. Additionally, if your home is higher than one story, it is a good idea to call a professional.

For window cleaning in The Villages, FL, choose Clean Biz in The Villages and surrounding areas in Central Florida. 352-348-8761

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